I sat in the back of the Charlotte Convention Center on my phone wondering when Obama would just stop talking. Even looking back now I have flashbacks to his rambling. It felt old and it felt like something I have heard too many times. It was old news and has been old news. Its because I have seen non-stop presidential news for the past what feels like two years. And hearing Hillary’s one liners over and over and over and over and over again; it just protrudes my mind and makes me wish I could make it stop. I felt the power and the energy so much in Iowa at her victory speech and I haven’t seen or felt that sort of energy since from anyone. Maybes it’s because my life is nothing but politics, that I just don’t see Hillary or Obama as these idols and superstars but rather as people who just disappoint me. It’s been easy to get past the many ways Obama disappoints me, since from what I can tell he is the coolest president and politician of my time. But with Hillary, it’s never been there.

This hype for who she is as a person just isn’t enough for me to cover up what I disagree with. But I am a democrat and I am a dedicated “hilldude” who’s going to be voting a full Democratic ticket like I was thought by my parents. But beyond my odd relationship with Hillary, I was in shock how bored of Obama I was. It was my first time and most likely last time seeing him as president and I couldn’t care less. I saw him up there (from a considerable distant which of course played a role in my lack of interest) and after I saw his tall frame for a split second, I just didn’t really care beyond it. Maybe I am just over hearing about Obama, maybe I am just past the celeb “cool” guy Barry and just apathetic to hear his what I think are fake words of Hillary. I understand Obama has a done a ton, but many of his promises were not kept and it’s hard for me to overlook them and be swoon by his vow of approval and support for Hillary. I just want to be excited for my first presidential election and I want to believe in my candidate (not fully because that’s unrealistic but just believe in them enough to be happy). Long gone are those days where I was star struck by Obama and the Clinton name, the pedestal is no longer there. I am not at that point of which I am content; and as a Democrat I am disappointed but hey what can I do at his point. 17 days until the DNC, of which Hillary finally becomes my candidate. And 122 until Hillary Clinton becomes president of the United States of America.

-David Ajamy II



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