With the convention just a couple of days away, half of the media coverage surrounding the republican event are ideas of what we should expect from Trump and his newly chosen Vice President Mike Pence. However, the other half is examining the potential security threats due to the possibility of protests and groups traveling from out of state to attend the convention. As I walked around the downtown Cleveland this afternoon, it is clear that the city of Cleveland took the issue of safety seriously. While it is just Saturday, and the convention is two days away there are hundreds of police officers surrounding the Quickens Arena. I counted thirty police officers pocketed in just half of a block. They walk around in packs of from as little as five to as many as forty. While many tend to feel safe in the presence of officers or men in uniform, I have the opposite reaction: officers make me feel as though there is some impending danger near. While Ohio does have an open carry law, they might have gone overboard, and it may result in commotion that they were hoping to prevent. Interestingly, the police officers were not only from Cleveland or even Ohio, but was a mix of officers from all over the country spanning from Jacksonville, Florida to Fort Worth, Texas. With all the police brutality that has happened this summer alone, in combination with death of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, I am skeptical that this influx of police presence will have a positive effect. However, it is only the Saturday before the convention and there is still time for Ohio to suspend open carry laws for the duration of the convention. Time will only tell what the heavy implementation of police will mean for the RNC.

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