It’s currently 6:22 am and the weather is not looking too hot in Cleveland. I am curious if this horrid thunder storm is a bad omen or just the earth trying to shut down the infamous Republican National Convention that is to commence in the next couple hours. In many ways I am excited for the events planned, but in reality I am hyper aware that I am at a convention for thoughts I truly disagree with. The people here and I differ greatly in our thoughts of the world. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, this difference of ideas is something that makes me severely uncomfortable. I am at a convention for the right wing world of the United States, a convention that is in support for not only a vile candidate but one of which has a platform that makes me scared for a Republican led future. But this is all just the yellow dog Democrat in me acting up.

I know this this blog is short however, I really am unsure what to expect in the coming days.


-David Ajamy II

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