Presidential conventions are supposed to be “huge” (as Donald Trump would say) celebrations of a party’s nominee for the Presidency. Historically there are many different events each night for delegates, elected officials, and invited guests to attend. This is the case at the Republican National convention this year, however there is a strange vibe in Cleveland among many Republicans. Much of this has to do with the fact that Republicans as a whole are still having a tough time embracing Trump as the Nominee.


Pictured here is Ciara Ciez, Governor Scott Walker, and myself


At the events that I have attended so far, I have talked to people about what they think about Trump. Occasionally I will talk to someone that is all aboard the Trump Train, but in most cases, they are just worried that Hillary Clinton could become our President. Thus, they are justifying voting for Trump because “Hillary Clinton does not deserve to be President.” This is a common phrase said among conservative convention goers, but made popular by 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who is attending the convention in spirit. (What does that even mean??)

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The coolest event that I have been to so far is the Cleveland Rocks 2016 concert that was a benefit concert for numerous veterans’ organizations. The headline band was Lynryd Skynryd! The venue wasn’t even half full which seemed bizarre given the band that was going to play. Before the show, they showed an epic video that was dedicated to the military and auctioned off a few items to raise money.


No matter what anyone was feeling about the election when they walked into the concert, as soon as Lynryd Skynyrd started shredding the first riffs of “What’s Your Name,” everyone quickly forgot about politics and danced to the music. Multiple times throughout the show, the band expressed their appreciation to the men and woman who protect our country.


Now I have seen a lot of cool concerts throughout the years. However, being on the center of the front row while Lynryd Skynryd played “Free Bird” was one of the greatest things that I have ever experienced. So, while I along with many of Republicans at that show might be bummed about our candidate, I’m sure the memories of the concert will carry us through the week.




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