From the moment that I heard about Wake the Vote, I knew that it was something that I wanted to be a part of. In college, there are insane amounts of opportunities that I have wanted, but many have been cast aside due to a lack of time to do them all. Wake the Vote, however, was never a question for me. Why? The conventions.

As right-leaning moderate, preparing for the Republican National Convention meant a whirlwind of emotions for me. Pretty much every Republican I know’s 17th choice was about to be formally nominated; riot gear had been sent to Cleveland in preparation since April; the preview of the official party platform was farther to the right than it had ever been before.

Like many, I was very disappointed that Donald Trump was the presumptive nominee. But, like many others, I had also resigned myself to the fact that it was happening and everyone who disagree with him were going to have to decide if partisanship or a continuation of four more years of policy they fundamentally disagreed with. For me, I would rather vote for another candidate and have the GOP go through an identity crisis and come back stronger than ever in four years, but we’ll see what happens.

The RNC is always an incredible opportunity to attend, but this cycle, it was also going to be incredibly fascinating. Donald Trump is constantly criticized my numerous groups pushing for power in the large tent of the GOP, and yet, everyone seems to be moving on and getting in line.

Something particularly concerning to me are the highlights of the platform preview that have become public through news sources. Trump has been on the record as pro-choice and pro-universal health care prior to his decision to run, and as a result many individuals within the GOP have voiced concerns that Mr. Trump is not conservative enough. This fear has resulted in what seems like it will become an extreme reaction, calling for things it its platforms that will only further repel the moderates that have been holding out hope in the big tent.

I look forward to reading the official platform and hearing from people participating in the Convention their candid thoughts. I’d make a guess, but this predicting something right in this election is less likely than winning the Lottery.





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