By: Madeline Coffey

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I want you to sweep me off my feet this week.  Seriously, I want you to wine and dine me with some liberal propaganda.  Make me love you; show me some passion.  Be sweet and strong.  Most of all: don’t forget that I am a priority.  Remember me in your platform.  If you don’t, you will face the consequences.


The Millennials

This less than endearing note to Hillary Clinton penned by yours truly describes what Millennials want to see from Clinton in the upcoming week at the DNC.  In essence, we want it all.  Sure, our first pick Bernie Sanders was imperfect in a lot of ways, but he cared about us.  We want Hillary Clinton to care about us, too.  Don’t worry about everything else going on in the world, Hillary.  We’re most important.

To me, it seems that these sentiments have run rampant amongst millennials in the past week.  With Sanders’ endorsement, even, we still don’t buy it.  Somehow we have gotten caught up in the liberal propaganda and forgotten what we are up against.  Personally, I jumped on the Hillary band-wagon the moment I heard that she was the presumptive nominee.  I firmly believe that Clinton is a great choice to lead our nation.  I don’t think this because she is, as we often put it, “not Trump,” but because she has a progressive plan to make our nation’s strengths shine through once more. Sadly, I am in the minority of my friend groups right now.

I still need more from Secretary Clinton.  How am I to convince other millennials when I’m barely excited myself?  For me, Clinton is an obvious choice purely for her qualifications and progressive platforms.  For others, the choice is less obvious.  With candidates like Jill Stein on the table, I need Clinton to give us something to cheer for.  Being the practical choice is no longer enough in a post-Bernie America.  Millennials want to believe in something.  Sanders’ A Future to Believe in platform really got at the soul of what millennials want.  They want optimism, passion, and excitement.  Above all else, they want a president who will speak to them as Bernie Sanders so expertly did.

Sometimes it seems that Clinton just doesn’t care about our votes.  Although we comprise a significant portion of the voting block this year, Clinton seems more focused on snagging moderate republicans that us wildly progressive youngsters.  This only adds to the Millennial HellFire raging against her campaign.  What bothers my friends the most is that she is assuming she will get our votes. For many young people today, she mustn’t assume she will get our votes but earn them.

Although I will unequivocally vote for HRC, I think the campaign is making a big mistake with their big assumptions about Millennials.  The assumption is that if Clinton rolls out policies that are good for millennials, they will win our voter block; they couldn’t be more wrong.  Unlike previous generations of progressives, far left millennials are looking for a plan that benefits all groups of Americans.  It isn’t enough to rid themselves of their college debt.  They want to see more people attend college.  It isn’t enough to take measures against the prison industrial complex; they want to see an end to pointless drug charges.  It isn’t enough to condemn police misbehavior; they want to see sanctions.  Admittedly, I feel the same way, and it’s why I can’t fight for Hillary Clinton despite my support for her.

I need answers, Hillary.  When my friends ask me why I’m voting for you, I need comprehensive answers to give.  I can’t keep relying on arguments about the dangers of third parties to protect you.  No one cares what happened with Ralph Nader anymore; millennials live in the now.  So, you need to give me a plan that is accountable to the demands we have right now.  Otherwise, I have no ammo left.  I won’t give up, but I need your help.  This week at the DNC, show me what you’ve got.  As much as I’d love to dance with you during our, “fight song,” you’re going to have to provide the speakers first.

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