My first presidential election is coming up faster than I could of thought and here I am about to go into Philadelphia to a land of Democrats. Last night we were told about schedule for today and am I excited beyond words. Never would I have thought I would be getting to explore my identity as a democrat within a sanctuary of Democrats fighting for a future they believe is better. I am curious to see the difference between the RNC and DNC and specially look at the difference in policing and protesting. However, one thing both my mother and I agreed would be interesting would be seeing the difference between the leftist Dems and more establishment “I am with her” Dems. And how both interact within the convention setting and beyond it.

Growing up on the left by two Democrats makes this experience so much better, and not only for me, but my parents. Both are possibly more excited than me for me to be here. Politics is a natural thing within the Ajamy family, so both my parents are texting me nonstop asking about the DNC. In some ways I thought the DNC wouldn’t be as big of a deal since we knew Hillary was the next president, I mean democratic candidate, but to my surprise the Yellow Dog Democrat in me is shaking with excitement and curiosity.

-David Ajamy II

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