The Republican National Convention can pretty much be summed up my two words: fascinating and confusing.

At times, I would walk around and see glimpses of what the convention might have been if Mr. Trump was not the nominee. People I could have an honest conversation with about what we agree and disagree with the Republican Party were present, but were quiet compared to #TeamTrump. It was very frustrating for me as someone who is center-right that the establishment GOP and those in the middle were not present, because the lack of moderates allowed for a push to the very far right in almost every way.

It was really interesting, however, to see all these people who chose to take time off from their lives to attend and how they reacted to the 2016 election cycle. Notably, the Iowa and Colorado delegations infamously walked off the convention floor on the first day in protest of Mr. Trump. On the flip side, there were many, many people joined in with cheering and chanting things to further polarized an already divided country and party.

For people like me, this election is very confusing. Although both the GOP and the Democratic Party are having lots of problems right now (s/o to DWS resigning last minute), the GOP problems are ones where I am truly unsure of how the party is going to shift over the next for years.

The GOP has always been known as a ‘big tent’ kind of a party, because there have traditionally always been lots and lots of different types of republicans. But as the spectrum blends into a single shade, I am not sure if there is still room for people like me.

I am hopeful that the party will change and unify over the upcoming electoral cycles. When I look at people like Marco Rubio and Nikki Hayley, I see the future of the party. When I see Mr. Trump, however, I see a disaster-in-action.

I look forward to see if I still have a place under the Tent in 2020.


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