Hi friends of Wake the Vote,

Day one is over here at the RNC! I’ve had an amazing experience so far. I love being around the political atmosphere and meeting so many awesome Republicans. The RNC is such a great way for me to learn more about what beliefs of mine align with my preferred party and where I differ from the platform and politicians.

Sunday we were able to walk around the convention perimeter and take in all the sights. Cleveland is bustling! People are everywhere wearing lanyards that give access to the convention and other events. Some people are holding signs in peaceful protest and others are selling hilarious t-shirts.

I attended a company event last night where I was able to talk to some lobbyists, delegates, and even Scott Walker! I went to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert- they’re from the same city as me so basically a dream come true. While these seem like fun events (and they are), they’re also meant for networking! People from all sides of the Republican Party are attending events and talking to other people, running out of business cards and forming connections.

scott walker

Today we got to attend a panel on poverty and one of the speakers was a Wake forest alum who runs the Jack Kemp Foundation. It was really neat to hear a conservative perspective on an issue that is rarely discussed on either side of the aisle.

jimmy kemp

Looking forward to a cool CPAC event tomorrow and some concerts where Scott Walker will be again! We also have other super cool panels to attend, in addition to potentially meeting with the North Carolina delegation.

Ciara Ciez


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