My favorite part about the Democratic National Convention was the Truth to Power Art Exhibit sponsored by Rock the Vote. Personally, I have never studied art in depth, nor am I creative. I go to art museums and only sometimes do I understand the power of visual art. I love theatre and music. However, when it comes to visual art, I only really feel effected by photography.

When we went to the Truth to Power art exhibit in Philadelphia, I completely understand the power of art. This was the most unbelievably powerful space. It successfully represented the current political climate and also included art that represented struggles various identities face today. From the local guest DJs to the bathroom sign labeled “whatever” or “we don’t care.” Most of art was done by marginalized groups as a way to express their identities and experiences growing up or coming to this country.

They had panels all day long interviewing everyone to Senator Corey Booker, to local artists, to me (about the journalism I did at the RNC). The panels gave great insight to grassroots organizations and individuals working towards social justice. These events educated me about the power of individuals and the work that they do. For example, we heard extremely inspirational individuals doing necessary work for undocumented individuals and families. They gave in depth explanations surrounding what the Obama administration has done surrounding undocumented immigrants. These individuals work tirelessly everyday; they are brilliant people who live in fear that the life they have built here might end any day.

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  • Hannah K. Dobie

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