We are on our way to Philadelphia! After a brief stay in DC to recharge WTV is on the road again. I just realized that this may be our last long haul cross country road trip together and it almost makes me a little sad. Almost. Right before we left we had lunch with Rachel Fey, the Director of Public Policy at the National Campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy. Her work is the best kind that really can change lives. Our conversation was thought provoking and exciting. The work she and others have done has clearly reduced the number of teen pregnancies in our nation. This is the kind of policy talk that gives you hope for the future. It is comforting to know that policy and at the end of the day, politics can effect positive change on individual lives. This is why we are here, travelling from city to city, canvassing, and poll watching. We are trying to, in some small way, help do some good in the world.

Right after our wonderful lunch the news about the Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her emails broke. My first reaction was frustration. This is not the kind of news that fosters faith in our democratic process. At a time when our party needs to unite against a possible Republican president that threatens our dearest values and the security of our country this is the worst possible news. People are already claiming that the Democratic primary was rigged. This in no way helps assuage their doubts. I am sure this will feed the flames of the Bernie Bros fiery opposition to our nominee.  Who knew email scandals would play such a role in this election? Bringing the Bernie Bros into the fold is going to be incredibly challenging going forward and I expect to see the results of this revelation play out at the DNC. I firmly believe that many of these Bernie supporters are, like their fearless leader, not actually Democrats, and that is where these issues are stemming from. There are many policy areas where we can find common ground and work together but at the end of the day these Bernie bros are not Democrats and that is why we are struggling to unite our party. Going forward I will be anxious to see what effect this news has at the DNC.

-Sophia Rossell

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