Last November was for the first time I ever admitted or told anyone, beyond my significant other of the time, that my family had suffered severe poverty and succumb to homelessness. And it’s odd for me to write still to this day, however I understand it’s important for me to speak about my experiences. It’s something I had to understand at the RNC. One of the initial days there I choose to speak about being on food stamps, being on Medicaid, being on these social programs and understand what it’s like having nothing. Because I am going to encounter people who know nothing of what it’s like to be poor and I don’t mean that “poor” that I have heard so many people call themselves so much. I mean the poor of which you really have nothing, you have to pawn off your one prize position and then get paid nothing for it and buy it again when you have some money and then pawn it again. Poverty is an endless cycle so much of the time and it’s because of social programs and my family getting help we didn’t lose everything in the cycle.

Both my parents were highly involved within the political realm in knowing what was happening. So from a young age, my parents informed me how much policy really effected our lives as a family within the bottom of the socioeconomic scale and in terms of my education. And from this we like many were taught the democrat party was one for the people. The Democratic Party was the right and ethical one of which cares for the people. So I was taught I vote democrat no matter what.

But as I grew older and understood the Democrats weren’t the so called saviors we called them for so long. But the Republicans were still the enemy. I usually encounter more ignorance within the right towards poverty than the democrats but in my senior year I saw no matter what party,  it was flawed and didn’t take care/treat the poor like I feel as if they should. This was a gradual awakening for me to see and this allowed me to explore the farther left of the spectrum. And I wrote about this feeling, going to the DNC felt empowering to some extent as a leftist person but in many ways I saw how elitist and corporate the party was while there. And it continued to show me that I wasn’t a democrat. I wasn’t in support of this party, it didn’t follow my beliefs or my values.

And it’s through this way I see the party from coming from struggling at the bottom that I understood what I thought was there, wasn’t. I mean I am happy to be part of the party to the left to some extent but Jesus, I am so disappointed still. And while I felt the power of the crowd as Michele, Elizabeth, Bernie, etc spoke I knew I didn’t trust it. I knew I just this was a show in so many ways. This was one big elaborate show, one of which I wasn’t going to go along with happily. I LOVED being there at the arena, and because I knew how few people actually got to get in. I loved it because I knew I was among royalty and power within this nation, but being among those also made me sick. Being surrounded by professional politicians, reporters and the top of the top who had connections to come just made me feel slimy.

Never did I see the day I would be at the biggest party of the year for the party I looked up and feel nothing but sickness and distrust.

Not to mention the amount of anxiety I had, place was crowded and tension high.

However, I did have a world class dinner.

(I actually love Twizzlers and am not mad about it, I understand the struggle of being a vegetarian)


-David Ajamy II

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