The Democratic National Convention has been an incredible experience. On Monday, we began with a luncheon panel with Democracy in Color focusing on women of color in politics. Having the opportunity to hear the perspectives of several people who have marginalized identities on the intersections of race and gender was incredible, particularly from such badass women who have consistently fought to shatter the glass ceiling. I found the event to be one of the absolute best events that we have attended so far.

For me, however, I was amazed by the Truth to Power event that we cosponsored with Rock the Vote. The venue had a huge collection of art focusing on social injustices. The topics included police brutality, anti-immigrant mentality, sexual assault, gun violence, and mass incarceration. The artists featured ranged from local pieces to an original Banksy. The artwork was incredibly powerful, and used subtly and loudness to reflect on the problems facing America that are often left off of the table of conversation.

I will admit, I don’t always think about those injustices, either, and I found it a very special to think and reflect on social justice reform through a medium so deeply personal and individualistic. Having the ability to bring up these heavy topics through art really allowed for individuals to experience and think. The space was really special because it combined art with panels with open discussions, which allowed for an intersectional approach that made these difficult questions more accessible to the public at-large. The space really encouraged people to take action and actually make changes to fight social injustices prevalent throughout our society.

I cannot wait to see what else is in store for this week! This has been an amazing and challenging experience so far, and I look forward to being continually challenged as the DNC progresses.


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