By Thornton Blount 8/29/16

At a rally on August 1st, Republican nominee Donald Trump said that by endorsing Hillary, Bernie Sanders had “made a deal with the devil.” This was pretty ironic to hear, considering all of the internal strife that Republican leaders and voters have felt endorsing Trump. Endorsing any candidate always comes with personal risk to your reputation; they may end up being horrible leaders after being elected, they may become mired in scandal, they may even become totalitarian leaders, and that all reflects back on you and your decision to support them. These risks are usually unpredictable pre-election, but Donald Trump is already a risk for Republicans to endorse. Win or lose, Donald Trump is a figure that no rational Republican should want to associate with. I’m not an expert, but I imagine that in future elections, supporting Trump will play identically to if you voted for the Iraq War or not – it’ll stick with these candidates for the rest of their careers.

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If I was a Republican, I personally just would not vote for President, or at least refrain from a public endorsement. People on both sides of the aisle get so wrapped up in Presidential politics and forget about all of the other important races down the ballot in which they can freely endorse candidates and get involved without putting their career on the line. Republicans should just withhold endorsing Trump for President – and I’m not saying this just because I want Hillary to win but as obvious career advice.

Here’s a running-list of Republicans who are abandoning ship and supporting Hillary Clinton because they know that they’ll never be able to support Donald Trump:


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