It has been a few weeks since our DNC experience but I am choosing to reflect on it all together now. At the time I was completely overwhelmed, exhausted and emotional. There is of course something to be said for things written in the moment full of all the passion and excitement of the fresh experience but honestly I was so hyped up all that would come out of my mind when I started typing was “I’m with her” and “#strongertogether”. As I type this I am wearing a pink Hillary t-shirt a few sizes too large that I acquired at the DNC. I basically haven’t worn anything else around the house since. On the last night of the convention we did not get home to the dorm until 2 am and I had an early flight so I got back up at 4 am. That morning I napped in the empty airport listening to Hillary’s speech again in my sleep as the TVs blared. It was surreal and strange that I had been there for what was now on every TV in the airport. That is perhaps the most exhausted I have ever been.Something about the combination of travel and excitement amplified everything.

The entire trip was incredible. We had a chance to attend the Hispanic Caucus one morning and I was star struck. Dolores Huerta herself was there to speak with us as well as many notable Hispanic leaders who inspire and uplift our community. We saw Madeleine Albright and Bill Clinton speak hung out with Cory Booker and met so many people doing great work in their communities and our country. The Truth to Power art exhibit was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was so well done and meaningful. Each piece fit with the others and the entire collection was incredibly inclusive. My favorite part was the #IAmAnImmigrant project where visitors were encouraged to wear the shirt and take a photo. It was a reminder that we are all immigrants and stand in solidarity with them. Seeing Cory Booker hold up the shirt and take a pic was a highlight. Many of the pieces spoke to the very topical issues of gun violence and police brutality. They were all excellent and I think the accomplished their purpose of adding to the conversation.

I do have to admit that being in the convention center that night future President Clinton accepted the nomination was not as exciting as I thought it would be. I was certainly glad to be there and grateful for the opportunity. However, for me nothing can touch that moment in Iowa where this all began when I was there to see our next President speak on the night that she won the first state of the primary season. That is when this became real for me. The final night of the convention has been long awaited. Women and men have been working towards this moment for lifetimes and here we are. It was something I am so thankful to have been a small part of. For me the DNC was about seeing through what we have been striving towards for so long. I intend to see it through November 8th as well. There will be time for sleep on November 9th I hope.

Sophia Rossell

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