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Photo: The office was kind enough to throw a going away party for me!

So it turns out that if you spend forty hours a week with an office full of people whose beliefs are completely opposite yours, you become exponentially less open to accepting them as your own.  After my internship was over, I was more entrenched in my views than I had ever been before. It wasn’t that I had ignored what I had read from and discussed with the staffers in Senator Perdue’s office, I listened intently and constantly tried to understand issues from their point of view, but I could not bring myself to agree with them about anything.  

Once again, though, like my experience volunteering for Senator Cruz’s campaign in Iowa, I came to be close friends with a lot of these people.  I enjoyed spending time with them, hearing what they had to say, and learning from their work in the office.  So while I became a much more impassioned Democrat, I also grew even more convinced that bipartisanship IS possible and it WILL BE the only way to move forward as a country.

Nick Boney

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