The following day after our graduation, Zach and I both got some interesting news. It looks as if our work with Democracy NC isn’t done in the fall. Every year they have five fellows from universities across the Carolinas work within their communities and mobilize their peers.

Caitlyn emails Zach and I saying they would love to have us both as fellows to continue our work of the summer. At first I was unsure, with Wake the Vote I was unsure to take on more responsibilities. But I knew I had to continue this important work in the fall. This election on the city, state, and federal level is so important and it’s not time for me to take a break yet. I could see myself working in North Carolina on the political realm after college so by continuing to build stature and community with this amazing organization I could not only help the people of Winston but my future as well.

I just signed the contracts, looks like I won’t just be wearing only a Wake the Vote hat but one as a Democracy NC fellow. I am currently on the get out to vote committee, so the work I do for one job also helps the work of the other. I can’t put in words how it feels to be invited back to this community of friends for the fall, and how special it feels to be a part of their team. We had our first meeting of Wake the Vote today and the excitement for this upcoming semester has me shaking in my boots with happiness and eagerness!

-David Ajamy II

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