Ah Imposters! Ah Humanity!

Deborah Ross is running for the North Carolina Senate seat against Richard Burr this election cycle. She is the Democrat candidate and I am with her as am I with Hillary. When I found out Hannah Dobie and others in PHI planned a panel about woman in this election with Deborah headlining I was thoroughly excited to see her speak because I don’t know much of her other than her being a Democrat. Sadly, Ross had to leave the panel early but it was, well for me, a lackluster representation. Or while she spoke well and I agreed with a good amount of her beliefs within the policy realm, I left the panel unhappy. Maybe I have just been overloaded with politics in the past year and am just biased against politics and politicians? Or rather I think I have higher expectations of our leaders to be just more real? So much it seems to me I see the same spiel over and over from these politicians and it just sounds so robotic? Maybe Ross is just not someone I would want to hang out with? Maybe she just isn’t lively and personable like I like people around me to be?

But in reality why am I so unhappy with her performance? She spoke well of policies that fit within my political beliefs so I should be happy to hear her views are similar to mine in some senses. And I think it comes from this idea of what I want my politicians to be. And I am unsure if my “wants” of politicians is acceptable or rather alright. With a politician I want someone personal-able, relatable, and real but also someone I agree with. But is that their responsibility to be likeable for each constituent? Why do I and many others hold our political leaders to be so likeable when we vote for them to represent us on political/social/economic beliefs?

When I met the mayor of Winston-Salem this past summer I again was excited to meet a fellow Democrat who is wilding popular within Winston-Salem. But I was also so disappointed by him just as I was the other day. He “spoke” to Zach and me for around an hour or so the only way I could describe him was “dry” and truly boring. I have never been in a meeting with someone of such a stature where I had to fill the empty space of sound. And while again it is an election year for him so I could see where the less he says the better for his campaign. But he is basically only one running other than an independent who barely got on ballot. With Ross I think what disappointed me was it felt more like a campaign event than a panel discussion. I wanted a real discussion with her, not these printed out responses and that’s what it felt like. I feel the same way towards so many politicians and it’s just I want someone to be real but also I feel as if it’s unfair for me to judge these people so harshly. They aren’t being rude or inconsiderate or racist or whatnot. I am just unsure of my feelings towards politics and specifically the people running. But I am trying to be better, just because they have the spotlight doesn’t give me right to judge them so hard at all based on the “vibes” they give me or how much I like them based on personality. And plus who isn’t an imposter? Or who is actually real? None of us?

But hey I am with her, and I am with her; and every other Democrat I guess? Let’s see what happens on November 8th


-David Ajamy II

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