I’m a millennial. I’m a woman. I’m a Republican – a modern Republican. In this election, it’s difficult to be a modern Republican with Donald Trump and his support base as the current face of the party. The Republican party that is being presented to Americans during this election cycle is not the party that I identify with.

 However, American political parties are fluid. American politics has not always been the Republican and Democratic party and it will not always continue to be those two parties. In 1854 the Whig Party transitioned into the Republican Party to represent anti-slavery modernists. It may very well be the case that the Republican party will fade and be replaced by a party that more accurately represents the people in the modern era.

The modern Republican does not believe in discrimination based on race, gender, or sexual identity. The modern Republican is increasingly moderate. We believe in a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, don’t deny the science behind global warming, and support legal immigration. But the modern Republican also believes in small government, the benefit of low taxes and free trade, strong foreign policy, and many more values that the Republican party has represented for generations.

I do not stand alone. As I travel and talk to new people about politics, I have found a large group aligns with these modern Republican values. The only way for the Republican party to thrive, is to adapt to current times.  What have been traditionally considered as “liberal” social values are now widely considered the societal norm in America. The Republican Party is doing itself a disservice and inhibiting progress by denying these norms. There’s a massive group eager to support the Republican party, if they would just recognize this and adapt their platform, their support would soar. It is time for the GOP to moderate, modernize and dominate American politics.

-Lucy Porter

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