This election hasn’t been great, in my opinion, for the spirit of democracy and bipartisanship that the United States is all about. This election has been a constant catfight fueling partisanship and disrespect at a national level.

The phrase, “actions speak louder than words,” has echoed through my head through every part of this election, especially the debates. I find myself staring at the eye rolls and frowning faces. I hear the incessant bickering, interrupting, and bullying from both sides of the aisle. I have become so uninterested in the actual topics being discussed, and have instead focused on the immaturity of the candidates. How can my two choices be adults who treat each other like bullies on the playground?

I came into this election cycle enthusiastic about American democracy and voting. I am, now, just as disillusioned as the rest of this country. The debates have traumatized me as a young voter. I find myself searching for the lesser of two evils and I, honestly, am hopeless in this process. I yearn for a president who can do what is truly at the best interest of the entire country; the two people vying for the presidency do not seem to have genuine interests in the future of the United States.

I want a candidate who doesn’t blindly support every issue on their party platform. I want a candidate who will listen and compromise across the aisle in order to take care of business. I want a candidate who has the maturity to respectfully articulate their beliefs and listen to the beliefs of others.

I wholeheartedly believe that Americans want these same fundamental things from the presidency, so why do these polarizing, albeit entertaining, figures ascend to the top? I think bipartisanship is dying. People become so focused on their parties and divisive issues instead of focusing on their fellow Americans. We need to come together and realize that we all want we believe is best, even if we don’t agree. We need to search for compromise in our daily lives. Honestly, I do not see that spirit anywhere I turn in the real world. Someone is always blaming someone else. People say they can’t have friends with different political beliefs. People are not being open-minded.

We need more Wake the Vote in this world. We need people to talk about their beliefs and conflicts. We need people to understand and respect others, on both sides. Would it be cheesy if I said, “It’s All Up to Us?”

“That’s all I have to say about that!”

Ciara Ciez


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