Lucy Porter

Personal Information

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Major(s)/ Minor(s) or Expected (major): Political Science and Spanish

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Personal Political Philosophy

My “must read” title for college students seeking to understand something about this election: ISIS by Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger

My approach to or philosophy of American politics and elections: “I will not take the low road to the highest office in the land.” – John Kasich

The four (4) people (living or deceased) I would invite to dinner for the purpose of better understanding American political life are: Thomas Jefferson, Stephen Colbert, Richard Nixon, Peggy Noonan

Wake the Vote Experience

My most memorable Wake the Vote experience so far: One of my favorite experiences was getting to work at the Republican National Convention this summer. As an intern at the Ohio Republican Party I got a behind the scenes look at how the convention operates. It was fascinating to see how different the environments were around downtown Cleveland, Ohio only events, and the Quicken Loans Arena. I’m so fortunate to be able to have had this opportunity and can’t wait to do it all again in 2020!

Blog Posts

Taken By Surprise

  The 2016 Presidential Election has been anything but ordinary. Before this rodeo started, a vast number of political experts expected a basic and boring general election face-off between two establishment politicians with familiar names, Hillary Clinton and Jeb...

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The Modern Republican

I’m a millennial. I’m a woman. I’m a Republican – a modern Republican. In this election, it’s difficult to be a modern Republican with Donald Trump and his support base as the current face of the party. The Republican party that is being presented to Americans...

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