Sebastian Ivory

Personal Information

Expected Graduation Year: 2017

Major(s)/ Minor(s) or Expected (major): Politics & International Affairs and Sociology

Hometown: Boone, NC

Social Media

Personal Political Philosophy

My “must read” title for college students seeking to understand something about this election: 1984 by George Orwell or Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

My approach to or philosophy of American politics and elections: “You’re broken down and tired/ Of living life on a merry-go-round/And you can’t find the fighter/But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out/And move mountains/We gonna walk it out/And move mountains” – Andra Day

The four (4) people (living or deceased) I would invite to dinner for the purpose of better understanding American political life are: Barack Obama, FDR, JFK, John Podesta

Wake the Vote Experience

My most memorable Wake the Vote experience so far: My best memory from WTV has to be getting to attend the final night of the Democratic Convention. While engaging both sides is important, at the end of the day, I’m a partisan Democrat. Sitting and cheering with my fellow Democrats as Hillary Clinton accepted our nomination for president was really special. Despite supporting Bernie Sanders in the primary, I felt unified with my Democratic family in that moment. I also “accidentally” snuck by security to get onto the floor after the balloons fell, allowing me to see much of the delegate excitement first hand, as well as rub elbows with many of the most influential Democrats today. Before the Democratic Convention, I felt like I was slipping into a state of apathy about the election, but afterwards, I was fired up and ready to go! Many memories will Kum & Go, but I’ll remember this night for a long time.

Blog Posts

Anything is Possible

Last week, a smaller group of Wake the Voters travelled up to Washington, DC for a shorter 30 hour excursion. This trip definitely brought back memories of the past summer when I spend the summer living in Rosslyn (Arlington), VA interning on Capitol Hill for...

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South Carolina, the State of the GOP Race, and More

Hey everyone! Apologies in the delay in updating you with all that has been going on, but it has been one hectic week. Heading back to last weekend in South Carolina…. What an experience. After working for a Republican in Iowa (Cruz), and a Democrat in New Hampshire...

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Tides Beginning to Turn? Feel the Bern?

  Wow. What a trip to New Hampshire. The first in the nation primary is definitely all it cracked up to be. Despite some pundits expecting that Hillary Clinton or one of the establishment Republicans would come in and pull off a major upset, both Bernie Sanders...

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“This is [Not] What Democracy Looks Like”

So… crazy night last night, huh? If you were a Republican, you saw Ted Cruz pull a shocking upset over Donald Trump, and saw Marco Rubio come unbelievably close to coming in second. If you were a Democrat, you sat on pins and needles through out the evening as...

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A Differing Point of View

In Iowa, I was assigned to work with the Ben Carson campaign, but after realizing that the Carson campaign was nonexistent for the first in the nation primary, I was reassigned to the Ted Cruz campaign. As the President of the Wake Forest College Democrats, Political...

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