Zachary Bynum

Personal Information

Expected Graduation Year: 2019

Major(s)/ Minor(s) or Expected (major): Politics and Religion

Hometown: Savannah, GA

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Personal Political Philosophy

My “must read” title for college students seeking to understand something about this election: Gives Us The Ballot

My approach to or philosophy of American politics and elections: “Remember one thing about democracy. We can have anything we want and at
the same time, we always end up with exactly what we deserve.”
-Edward Albee

The four (4) people (living or deceased) I would invite to dinner for the purpose of better understanding American political life are: Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall, Coretta Scott King, & Eleanor Roosevelt

Wake the Vote Experience

My most memorable Wake the Vote experience so far: My most memorable experience was definitely going to the South Carolina primaries. I met so many great people, and got to spend the day canvassing for Hillary in a predominantly Black neighborhood. Getting to see everyone’s different perspective on her, the way people viewed the state of our country, and so forth were all very eye opening and personally beneficial to my own understanding. To me, I come from a place where often times the loudest voice is that of conservative, white, middle class Americans which caused me to have a very conflicting and limited way of looking at politics. So, because i got to finally got to see such a drastically different perspective, from people who looked liked me and having it be so close to home, truly changed things for me.

Blog Posts


Cultural Change By: Zachary Bynum What is cultural change? How do we measure it? How do we quantify it? These are the big questions I want answered in my lifetime, but being a pragmatist makes me settle for something more practical- definable even. You see, this...

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Humanities Need More Credit

By: Zachary Bynum This summer Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hit the shelves in book stores all over the world, and the response was as expected. Millions of people gathered to buy it as soon as it was released. I was not one of those people surprisingly. It came...

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An Open Letter to Virigina Foxx

I wrote this letter as a way to abate major qualms I had after an interaction with Virginia Foxx. I simply asked her a question about the Voter ID laws in North Carolina, and she tried to downplay it by being condescending and disregardful. It made me upset that she...

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10 Do’s and Don’ts I learned from the DNC

1.Don’t forget to look at the history of the city because Philadelphia is a very historic place. Who knew that the very place where the Founding FATHERS, who established democratic autonomy for tons of people, excluding anyone that wasn’t a white, male property owner,...

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#Votehot 2 #RNCinCLE

By: Zachary Bynum I have many expectations going into the RNC; the entire summer has been leading up to this moment! It has been interesting doing the work I have this summer, but now it is time to #WakeTheVote once again! Someone asked me what I think the most...

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Show Me What Democracy Looks Like!

By: Zachary Bynum This summer has been a whirlwind of civic engagement, community outreach, and fighting for DEMOCRACY. Ahh, yes! No small initiative but one that must be taken if we ever want to see change here in North Carolina. This summer I have been interning...

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North Carolina gets a Taste of the Primaries

By: Zachary Bynum Unexpected vibrancy that is how I would describe it. My North Carolina primary experience showed me what I have truly been looking for. Political engagement, diverse constituencies, local politics, and voting rights issues were all concepts that...

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